New Visa at Lao Bao

Xin Chao
I now live permanently in Hoi an
To my shock No visa extension
Last time I went to Lao Bao by Bus 6 hours there Driver thought he was a Rally driver
Only one Bus a day so had to give him and his conductor a large tip to wait for us
Now i find on Facebook a Mini Bus company in Da nang offering a Visa run service
1000000 per person including lunch
The vehicle seats 16 they will only take 8 per trip. But will go with only 3 passengers
My visa expires end of June so will try them out
Alternatively my friend has gone today from Da nang airport to Hong Kong.
Got a return ticket for $122
Waiting to see how he gets on
I am looking for any way to make my Visa problem easier

Hi Roy (and others)

Flight to Hong Kong and return same day later in afternoon (about 4 hour wait in HK Airport) went smooth. I´d rather wait in an airport with restaurants, wifi, toilets etc. than sitting in a minvan where your life is at risk any second ...

Yes it cost some more - our planetickets cost 106,50 USD with HKExpress + the visa cost. Its horrible that you cant get an extension in VN without leaving and that will no doubt make wife and I leave cause its too much hassle.

Who will not benefit from us leaving :

Landlord (vietnamese) Loose 600 USD every month - should be their pension he explain

Restaurants : We eat out 2-3 times per week

I could go on but getting tired from this - sorry for the Word, some idiot earlier found it offensive but who cares about a frog - primitive country where people drive like drunken monkeys just put on a bike.

Vietnam is a beautiful great country but I guess it cant stand the test so "Hello Vietnam" will be goodbye Vietnam and hello Thailand or Europe

Hi Jim
Its such a same the Vietnam Immigration are doing this to us
We come to Vietnam for a nice relaxing enjoyable retirement and off course spend money.
The Thai immigration are even worse for Vietnamese people. Nau can only get a 30 day tourist visa. Renewable via Laos border 2 day trip.
And a " Thank you" to a Thai Immigration Officer.
So now I am stuck here and have to do the 3 months Visa run

Yes, Thai imm. suxx too. Por explain to me that Nau could get up to 1 year Non-B Imm. visa for Work-permit so try check that out ...

Honestly we too are not gonna stay here either - Thailand not good but VN just too primitive with their powercuts almost daily and no receiving mail ... It feels like Deep dark Africa sometimes ...

Moondancer :

Now i find on Facebook a Mini Bus company in Da nang offering a Visa run service
1000000 per person including lunch

Could you provide the Facebook page address?

Visa van

Visa Van
Phone: 01223 152931
Add: 35 An Thuong 32, Da Nang

You should make it clear that these are addresses and phone numbers that you are providing in order to help other expats and not your own numbers.

Theres much less hassle with Da nang Facebook

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