Foreign professor at Singaporean universities


I am Brazilian, graduated in History and finishing my master degree also in History.

I lived in Malaysia for one year, visited Singapore for a couple of days and can speak Portuguese, Malay, English, Spanish and German.

I would like to become a professor in any Singaporean universities in the human science field. If anyone knows about any opportunity at that area, please let me know. I would be very thankful.

You should check the job listings on the Singapore university webpages - all vacancies are published there!
You could also contact their departments in your field to find out if there are any openings in the near future (even before they're published). Also, getting to know the people there and building your network is definitely a good idea.

Hello Marcelo,

You can also post a more detailled ad in the Teaching jobs in Singapore section of the website, which might help recruiters to learn more about yourself and your level of competency in that particular field.

Good Luck  :)


Thanks a lot, Beppi and Christopher! Will do that...

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