Canadians in Kuwait - converting Kuwaiti Licence IN CANADA

In a bit of a twist, we're asking the reverse question: how does one go about converting their Kuwaiti driving licence to a driving licence in Canada? If anyone is aware or has done this before, please do let me know.

as i hear from my friend, she's being asked to submit "experience" letters of driving from Kuwait, which would affect her credit score.

Does anyone have any experience with the documentation required from Kuwait to be presented in Canada?

You just go to KT in hawali bin khaldoon street , within 10 minutes they will give u international driving license u can drive everywhere, just get 1 photo , copy of civil ID, KT license and passport copy, u will give 10 kid only. 

Good luck

Not really answering my question, but thank you for taking the time to write. BTW it's not hawally it's on fourth ring road, kuwait motor club, shuwaikh

Ok, you most welcome! Any way I did it in hawali , end of bin khaldoon street ، opposite of Kuwait disabled sport clup.

Good luck

I guess only official translation of her should be enough. The issue date on the card better to be 5 years at least. I recommend to do translation in Canada. This is specifically for Ontario, I am not sure about other provinces.
In Ontario, there is G1 (written test), G2 (test in the city) and full G (test in the highway),
if she has enough experience after writing G1 she can directly take full G test. Otherwise, there is a 1 year period between G2 and full G test.
Transferring from Kuwaiti license to Canadian is not possible and I am very happy about it with the horrible driving culture here! :|


Did you manage to get info on this? I think a letter from Kuwait Muroor is required stating the validity and authenticity of the license.

Please advise.

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