Cost of labour card in oman

I am Ameer,  from india.
Can u help me to get answer for my question.
How much cost of labour card in oman ?

If you been employed or contracted by some employer you need not bother of the cost as the employer takes care of it. If you are coming on a free vusa. . Which means if you are not going to be bound to the sponsor who is willing to bring you hear then it all depends on how much he is asking you to pay him. Please clarify how you plan to come here.

Hi Ameeru,

The Resident Card, a.k.a. Labour Card is not something which is bought, or sold.

It is the official and registered identification document which proves that the holder is a bona fide expatriate residing in the Sultanate. The expatriate's company / sponsor's PRO would take the new expatriate to the Directorate General of Civil Status premises, do the necessary paperwork and get the expatriate formally registered.

The Resident Card will be required to be renewed once every two years, when the employment visa comes up for renewal.

The Resident Card would carry the holders name, and all other essential particulars. Most importantly, the resident Card would also clearly state (in Arabic), who the card holder's sponsor is. There is a reason for this. Read my following post for further details.


Just so that you know, there is nothing in Oman called the 'Free Visa'.

Every expatriate who is officially registered and carries a valid Resident Card would have his / her sponsor's name printed on the card. By law, the expatriate is forbidden from from working anywhere else other than with the person / organisation whose name is printed on his / her card.

This is why there are so many surprise 'labour checks' which happen on a regular basis. The Ministry of Manpower officials would walk into any organisation and would request for the Resident Card of expatriates working there. they would confirm if the employee is working for the sponsor whose name is on the card and also, they would check if the designation mentioned on the Resident Card and what the person is actually doing are one and the same.

Just to give you an example, there could be a cook in a restaurant whose Resident Card would say Carpenter, or Electrician. Obvious, it is is mismatch and such expatriates would be apprehended. Not only the expatriate employee, but also the sponsor would be heavily fined, since this is seen as a serious offence, by the Ministry of Manpower officials.

The issue of 'Free Visa' has been discussed in detail in the forum. Suggest you kindly look them up for your information. To tell you briefly, it is illegal and unlawful to work for anyone else other than whose name appears on the resident Card - who is the sponsor who is responsible for bringing the expatriate to Oman.

Request you to please verify your facts before sharing them for public consumption, especially in an open forum like


Comply that Mr. Sumitran.

I am working in oman last 2 months. My sponsor already paid cost of labour card.  I want resign now, my sponsor need this money from me.So howmuch cost of labou card in oman ?

may be total 21 riyal

Hi real man
Can u make ensure about this mater ?

you only want labour card ? or need medical and other all expenses

Only labour card

i think its depend on your salary

I am working oman last two months. I want resign now. Sponser need cost of labour card because he already paid it. So how much this cost of labiur card ?

Ameeru :

I am working oman last two months. I want resign now. Sponser need cost of labour card because he already paid it. So how much this cost of labiur card ?

Hi Ameeru,

The cost of issuing a Resident Card as of now is R.O. 20/-.

This amount has been amended recently.

Read the published article below for further details : … every-year

Suggest you please take some efforts to google for the information before posting here. Pretty much everything, except perhaps, mother's love, is available online these days.

realman78 :

i think its depend on your salary

Hi realman78,

Those who ask queries here are mostly worried and are anxious to know some details about their relocation to Oman.

By posting your incorrect / wrong assumptions, you are not helping anybody.

Suggest you desist from posting erroneously, when you do not know the answer.

Just for your academic information, whether a person earns 50,000 rials-a-month, or 50/- rials-a-month, the fee for getting a resident card issued remains R.O. 20/-.

Thank u somuch

Hi ameruu

I just want to ask how much did you pay to your company after you resign? If you may,can you break down the expenses you paid for your company..thank u very much

Ameeru :

I am working in oman last 2 months. My sponsor already paid cost of labour card.  I want resign now, my sponsor need this money from me.So howmuch cost of labou card in oman ?

Ameeru,plz update me want happened to your resignation. Because i wnat to resign also.

Hello everyone
Am just new here and I want to ask something important. Can the ministry of manpower stop someone from terminating contract if there is good reason behind it or once is fed up with the job

Hi Anuoluwa makins,

No, the Ministry of Manpower cannot and will not get involved with the internal disputes between an employer and the employee. Unless there is a formal escalation and a request for mediation by either of the parties, but usually the latter.

Thanks so much.

I work as as a maid here but already am fed up. Really want to go back to my country but don't know how to do about that because am scared of those people here

I am Joseph. I came to oman before 3 months. But have to resign my job bcaz here I can't able to work and salary is not yet received... And this company also a manpower supply company... I have applied for my exit but the employer told, you should pay for labour card,visa charge, medical expenses. Do I need to pay or any other ways can be better to me.. My salary is 180 RO. BUT they told I need to pay totally can I go to India without these penalties... Pls clarify what will I do? I can't pay that charges. So what will I do next?

Hi Joseph saxon,

Well, this is a tricky situation for you both ... you and for your employer !

Your employer has made some investments in bringing you over and now if you leave his return on the investments made would go down the drain. So he is trying to make good his loss.

In your defence, your salary s itself very low to be able to pay off your employer / sponsor and secondly you are not happy with your work. Plus, you have not been paid for the work you have done.

Since this certainly requires official arbitration, go first to the Indian Embassy and explain your case and background with all relevant and documents details and information. The Indian Embassy officials will advise you on the course of action to be taken.

Do not try to do anything on your own as it would be totally useless.

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