Pregnant Mommy looking for a job


I am Len 28yrs old and 5months pregnant. I am trying to find companies here in Manila who hires pregnant ladies. Any suggestions?

Thank you fellow expats!

Are you looking for work cleaning toilets or managing an international oil business?

Hello Len, as a guide companies find it difficult to offer regular employment to local pregnant women who would be filing maternity leave soon, since the usual probationary period is at six months. For expats however there may be teaching positions available for a semester (around three to 4 months) for university and college students; there may be some consulting offers as well in some companies. These roles may not include the same benefits as full time regular employees (allowances and maternity leaves). May I ask what type of work you're looking for and the salary range as well? Perhaps I can refer you to someone I know. Best of luck!

Hi Len, you might want to try or try searching for available jobs as a home based online English teacher.

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