want to relocate to Singapore

I live in the UAE and I would want to relocate to Singapore next year January. Can anyone be of help me? I don't know anyone in Singapore

Hi Vanessa,

have you already read our Singapore expat guide ?

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Hi Vanessa,

In numerous occasion we do often discuss in this forum about the circumstances you are going to face and what r the criterias to look upon while thinking of relocating to Singapore.

Secondly, we always request when anyone looking for advise, he or she should provide a little about his/her biodata so that we can able to share the current situation here. Without knowing career or job experience it's difficult to advise.

Never mind, you can see below forum where we had discussed about current situation in Singapore.


Wish you all the best.

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I don't think it is appropriate to request "biodata"…and who is "we"


Nobody is asking you to tell details what you have mentioned in your resume, what my above post means is that when you are asking or seeking someone's advise, then give your years of experience, field of work which is basic data to share.

In Singapore, export, and construction companies are facing retrenchment but other fields r not in that bad position, if you don't tell us then it will be difficult to provide correct information( when I mention we, it means people who are in Singapore forum, providing valuable information to those who are seeking help or advise).

How is the life in U.A. E. and Oman ...

I would request you to post your query in UAE and Oman expat forum for speedy and useful response.

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