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Hi All,
I am planning to be in Belgium next month. Actually I would like to request you to please pass any information regarding to accomodation & its cost.
I am looking for :-
1) Near to Zellik or Edegem. Whichever has affordable price?
2) One separate room with WI-Fi.
3) Ready to share Kitchen & Bathroom.

Any guidance must be & much appreciated.

Satya Vrata Anand

Welcome to Expat.com Anand :)

I will suggest you also to post a customized advert by specifying your needs & budget range, on Brussels classifieds page, Category>Accommodation.

Warm Regards


Edegem is very close to central Antwerpen(or Anvers as the French speaking call it) so if you find a suitable accomodation anywhere near central Antwerpen it would be OK too. I do not have suggestion right at Edegem and I do not know anything about Zellik which is close to Brussles!
Brussels is more expensive than Antwerpen in every aspect.

I have a couple of suggestions.
1- If you are ready to share an appartment register for free at appartager.be/
The site opens in French but you can choose English. You can also register for free and give details about yourself etc. and then get e-mails for something suitable to you.
If you are not yet in Belgium it might be a little more complex since they would like to contact you probably. But try it.

2-Another site you might try is immoweb.be/en/
Here also you can register for free and search for appartments.

Whatever you rent it is customary in Belgium that you put some kind of deposit/insurance equivalent to 1-2 months rent. You can either do it by closing such a sum in a bank or in another way. Be carefull not to give cash as guarantee....
It is difficult to find even a small accomodation in central Antwerpen for less than 600 Euros a month. Check what is included in that. It is clever to check WiFi. You do not have so many free WiFi places in Belgium.

A small, simple  but clean hotel which costs 45 Euros a night right at the other side of the Central Train Station in Antwerpen would be ETAP hotel: accorhotels.com/gb/hotel-6192-etap-hotel-antwerpen-city-centrum-centraal-station/location.shtml
I stayed there for more than 1 month it is OK.
I am not promoting it but just keep in mind.

I hope that helps

Enjoy your stay

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