Divorce in egypt

I have been seeing an egyptian man for about a year now. He has told his wife he wants a divorce but she has gone to the police and he is now in jail. He doesn't have the money to pay her the deferred dowry agreed in his marriage contract, so is awaiting a court date to be sent to prison.
I thought it was easy for men to be divorced in egypt? What will happen to him, how long can he be locked up for? Does he then still have to pay the money? Will he then be divorced? What if he can't?  Can he do anything to stop this?

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I also strongly advise you to contact a lawyer, he will be able to guide you. Here are some lawyers in the business directory : https://www.expat.com/en/business/afric … s/lawyers/

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Thank you priscilla. I am also worried that if I go to Egypt I could be in trouble. What do you think?

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