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To be honest, if an immigration officer or department does not like you, they can make an application last as long as possible. I have discovered so many cases like this. However, as long as all your documents are in order, it will be issued within the required time. You may be asked to come back again very many times when in fact there is no need for it at all. This is the biggest complaint about Immigration services.

I might say partly correct bro.

Last 7 years,when i go to indonesia I thought

its all about money,living as expat here a must

having cash and right connection,the time you

will be needing help there are people to back

up you.which i got now.

Thanks to networking.


Having the right connection shouldn't be important. But having connections with the Director of Law and Human Rights who overseas immigration and working with the KPK means that Immigration will not bother you. Immigration answers to the Department of Law and Human Rights and making any complaints to them directly will be much quicker than going through the KPK. The Director of Law and Human Rights can fire any immigration officer on the spot whereas KPK will deal through any inconsistencies with immigration through a process.

But I disagree with you about paying money. Under no circumstances should anyone offer to pay or accept to pay any kind of bribe or fast track money to an immigration officer. If caught, you will probably be immediately detained and then deported as you should be. Immigration departments around the country are gradually coming in line  and cleaning up their act. Jakarta and Bali are pretty much there and the problems that still exist are with the smaller cities and towns.

When immigration picks you up and detains you or imprisons you, the order comes from the Director of Law and Human Rights. The immigration officers are working on his instructions. So when you have complaints about immigration I would say to go directly to the person who will take action. Again, never offer and accept to pay a bribe to immigration.

yas its 3750.000 i micket in 2014

Considering the fact doing variety of paperwork related on expat for more than five years,sorry not to entertain any arguments,giving a free advise to those in need is highly appreciated.

Kitap can be process in different ways

1.from kitas 317,indonesian wife sponsor to kitap after two years if marriage
2.from kitas 312 working kitas,but must be
the director stated at akta with minimum investment 3-4 years having kitas depending where you are domicile
3.from kitas 312 working kitas ,but must be the president director in akta,no minimum investment ,3-4years having kitas depending you are domicile
4.retirement visa,subject for approval must have all requirements ready.


Excellent suggestion!

thank you for your post …..For 3rd point only directors are eligible, if an high ranking employee but not director or commissioner is he not eligible for kitap if worked for 4-5 yrs on kitas?

As per immigration for kitap application consideration must be one of the share holder of the company,a president director (utama) or director.

Application is for approval,depending where you are domicile,immigration office covers you.

If any doubt arise,please check directly at immigration office,where you are planning to do your application.


Hi Gwazulu.
can you pls share with me the procedure you applied the pass, and how  long does it take time to go through all the process?

Thank you

Hi Soveig Leong,

There are two options to apply  Kitap

1. If your married with indonesian.
2. If your investor or shareholder of a company

if you need help pm me.thanks

Are u an agent or u can share more detail to me for kitap applied for option 1
Thank you

I am immigration consultant.

We have agent at office.

Please message me if you need help.thanls

Yeah.can u pls pm me the detail for applied option 1 at lXXX
Thank you

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Hello pak

I have girlfriend in Sumatra and would like to marry , pzzzz help us for liggle procedure my WhatsApp number is +XXX

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I want to process for that..can I get your agent contact detail


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Can process kitap aslong you have requirements as mentioned.

Married with indonesian have two years consecutive kitas

Your director of company who have 3-4 years kitas (no epo)

Please pm me if you need help.


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