Manual spass application

Is there possible to make a manual application for a Spass?

if so once IPA letter is released how long it will take to update the information into the system?

is there anyone!? please reply to my queries. thank you.

i hope beppi can help you in this regards, also search for old forum posts , this topic has been discussed earlier

For S pass, an employer or an employment agent can apply online ( not mentioned manual apply) in MoM website then it may take 7 working days or more for approval.

In the case of EP, you can apply both as on line (7 working days or more for approval), where as applying through manually ( approval may take 50 days or more).

Please see the below link which can give you all the details related to S pass. Hope this helps. … pplication

Thank you Efshan. I'll check old forum.

thank you surya2k.
can we track manual spass application status in online?

thank you surya2k.
can we track manual spass application status in online?

In MoM website, it does not say that you can apply S pass manually. It has only mentioned about EP where you can apply both online and manually.

Hence, if it does not have an option to apply S pass manually then it's invalid to say whether we can check online to see the status of S pass or not.

Even in EP, why someone will apply manually and have to wait minimum 50 days to see the result, rather should apply online, which is faster and easier way to do so, then waiting period starts from 7 working days onwards.

Hope you have gone through the link which I had provided earlier. It can clarify all your further queries.


got it. Thank you very much.

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