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So I've been living in Vienna for almost two years and I actually find it very hard to make friends in Vienna, even as a 20-year-old party-lover! I have two really good friends - one of whom is moving away in May. I would obviously prefer to have a couple of good friends than a million fake friends, but I'd still like to make more friends. My friend who is staying in Vienna isn't much of a party-person these days, but we also love to do things like visit museums, concerts, sitting in Volksgarten, cooking, etc.

About me: I'm from Scotland, I'm 20 (as mentioned above) and Vienna is, by far, my favourite city. I've travelled a fair amount. I left school (and Scotland) when I was 17 to move to Mallorca with my mum and her fiancee. About a month later, I travelled to Massachusetts for three months, then all around Austria, the Netherlands, and back to Mallorca which led me to applying and finding a job in Vienna.
I'm definitely a 'people-person'. I'm always game to meet new people, for sure. I've been horse-riding since I was 8 so if there are any horsey people out there...

Feel free to post below so I can mingle with other expats.
Thanks yo!


Hi Natalie I suppose my wife and I will be going through the same feelings and process when we eventually come over too. I have a lot of contacts on a busy motorcycle forum which keep me connected and we meet up as friends, my wife and I also do a lot of 'modern jive' in the uk and our social circle is massive from it. We will be doing similar when we get to Austria as I find its the best way of building 'good' friends and also it becomes a lifestyle. Eric

Hi Eric!

Thanks for the reply.
So you and your wife will be moving to Austria? When's that? :)
Sounds good!
I hope everything runs smoothly with y'all!


Not for a long while as yet. Were doing a major refurb!!

Hey nat how are u i will come to vienna and i do not have some friends or a place to stay can u host me for a couple of days ?

Hey! My name is Becca and I am from Scotland as well!
I will be moving to Austria in August and am kinda worried about making new friends, as I won't know anyone there! I quite like partying too, but not sure how to make friends who share the same interests. Would you have any tips? :)


Hi Natalie!

I'm 23 and I'm from Vienna, Austria. We can meet up and go for a drink or a club if you want - I am not that girl who likes to go out every weekend but I'm sure we will have a lot of fun together! :)

Let me know if you are interested.


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Hi Natalie :)

I just moved to Vienna a couple of months ago. I still don't have any friends in the city and I would like to start meeting new people :) Would you like to hangout one of these days?

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