help. could anybody tell me what MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING is ?

does anyone know MULTI-LEVEL MARKETING?  what is the advantage and disadvantage?
is it legal in every country?
thank you very much.

MLM is another word for scam, rip off, spotting a mug at 100 yards, or "I'll soon get cash out of that idiot".
It works well for the clever con man at the top of the tree, but is a fool's game for everyone else.

Any other questions?

Everyone who says Network Marketing is a scam is speaking from personal experience, they tried it and it didn't work because of the compensation plan, leadership and support or the product. I am from Russia, have 3 degrees and used to be the biggest skeptic of MLMs, my parents almost got divorced over their MLM adventure. But the truth is sales profession is the highest paid profession on earth (google it) and we are all doing MLM aka network marketing but are not getting paid. I'd love to talk to you and answer your questions and hear your concerns. It may totally be not for you because it requires a certain mind set. Thank you!

I'm not stupid enough to get involved in those scams, but I've seen a good few people hammered by the MLM  scammers.
Really, any business model that relies on recruiting fools in order to make a profit is going to be a scam, especially when the vast majority of MLM company products are rubbish.

thank you. i will contact you

thank you very much for your answer. i will think about it

Excuse me, but what does MLM aka Pyramid scheming have anything to do with expatriation?

romaniac :

Excuse me, but what does MLM aka Pyramid scheming have anything to do with expatriation?

Only as far as many expats get involved in an attempt to get a second income, as we see in this case.
They usually end up owing money or just losing money, making their life a lot harder.

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