Things to do in Oran

I will be in Oran for the week with my husband. Where can I go and what can I do?

Hello Lindochka :cheers:

While waiting for members to share what you could do, I invite you to check out this quite old post :

> Where to go out in Oran?


Hi Lindochka,

Kenjee points you to the right post.

If you are in there for business I suppose you've got a contact, ask them, people from Oran are pretty much very helpful and kind, or if you got family most probably someone will volunteer to be your guide, I would advice you and anyone in the future that might read this post, to not try and run around alone, specially if you do not speak the language, security is a bit shaky now a days, truth to be said.
I might sound alarming but it's not the case, Algerians mostly are very hospitable and in Oran you might even find them a little extra open minded, though a foreigner couple wandering around alone is usually asking for troubles.

(Hope you will read my post before your travel)


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