In retrospect, would you move again to the Philippines?

Many interesting stories...some sad...some good.  I have lived in Lapu-Lapu now for over one year full time and previous to that three years of  seasonal six month stays.  I married in 2017 and last year I became the proud father of a daughter. 

My marriage is working out well and I get along well with her large family.  I was always upfront on what I could afford and while we lack nothing we live fairly modestly.  I help her family to some extent but it has been made clear that I’m not on a limitless income.

I found drawing clear lines and speaking openly (although Filipinos shy away from it) has been useful and has eliminated unrealistic expectations on their part.

From past experience I don’t intend to do a business here and at the moment renting is my preferred way to stay flexible...although my wife is quite keen to own a house. 

I lived in Nicaragua and Mexico for a few years and also in Thailand.  I find the Philippines overall very accommodating and pleasant and I feel much safer than in Latin America.  Nothing is perfect....I try to go through life not focusing  on the poop but rather seeking and smelling  the roses.


thewoodenpotter :

By the look of it many have arrived in the Phils expecting something quite different to what it is.My only advice is 'when in Rome' the Phils will not change for you are the outsider.
There good people there but have  learn how to recognise them and build your net work like the Philos do. In short you need to be a Philo to some extent its called assimilation . OK you may suck at it but if you dont try your paradise will very quickly turn into hell that in some cases that cant be avoided.
For it was easy for me  as I had spent many years in South East Asia before I even got to the Phils, working , holidaying etc. So I was under no illusions as to what to expect.

I will add to my original reply. As to moving etc.
Peace and quiet I find this is not elusive but it will depend on where you choose to live. We have a house in Consolacion Cebu in a small subdivision, no noise, very quite, so sleeping in is not a problem. So location is paramount, most Philos are somewhat oblivious to surrounding noise as its a part of their lifestyle. So they won't really notice the issues that bothers you. But as they are aware of it they will make efforts to accommodate you to the best of their abilities in the given location.
As mentioned before I had spent many years in various parts of South East Asia so I had been pre-conditioned  as it were . Ok not all of the cuisine do I enjoy, but mealtimes are often more than just eating its a time of renewing the old and meeting the new, catching up on what going.
Seeing that wife's family is very large and covers several localities in the Visayas all without exception all welcomed me into the family as a member albeit different :)  and over the years where we could we assisted various members, both financially and in kind. The only condition we agreed upon that whatever we did  should not impinge on our own little family unit. So consequently many now live overseas through migration or have filled their aspirations of a good education etc and it feels good to have helped here and there.
Our kids now have fond memories of their grandparents and all the aunties and the grandkids kids are finding out about all the aunties and the benefits. :)
We travel back forth from time to Australia/Philippines and are considering spending the winter months of Australia in the Phils when we both retire.
So for us it been a great experience full of laughter, love and many memorable experiences.

Ageed with 'thewoodenpotter'

"So for us it been a great experience full of laughter, love and many memorable experiences"

To me the Lack of foresight/planning/yearing for knowledge & turning to god/prayer/traditional healers to ward of evil spirits, when things go wrong, which more often than not always does, WORKS BEAUTIFULLY. ...Its  the way of life & its working just fine for me! (**No wrong or right Judgements intended).
Yes its more fun in the philippines everywhere you turn new experiences to be had.

The question here is presented to each of us to answer if we choose to. So, really no one can say the decision of another was wrong. It’s our choice.

Making chooses seems to end better when you have knowledge about what you are deciding on.

Before I decided to live here I did my due diligence to find out all I could about living in Philippines. I read books, spoke expats living here, vacation here, was station here in Subic bay as a Marine.

All that paid off. I learn from mistakes others and came here prepared as much as I could be. It really takes living here to know the place better. Vacationing, reading, talking others etc... is fine. But it’s nothing like living here to know the place.

I have found out that the Philippines want change to suit you. You have to adapt, adjust , and overcome. That adapting might be, buying set good earphones for noise, building wall screen things out, buying good vehicle to aid you in comfort, surrounding yourself thins that bring you comfort.

I have done and do these things therefore I have a sanctuary here. It’s my home in province. I have hectare land. So I control what happens inside of it.😇. I love plants so I surround myself with them. All this has help me. So, yes I would move here again.

I look at positives more than negatives. The cost living, the weather, the various islands I can visit. Go to makati if I like to.

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