WebDeveloper Job market trends in Singapore

Anyone would like to share Senior level web developer job market trends ?

Like average disposable income?

Job demand?

Chances of foreigners to get hired ?

Skills in demand  ( specifically in Web Development field)



What I got an idea from market is the gross salary varies from S$38k to S$70k depends on experience you have, with add up variable bonus it could touch S$90k.

Below link of latest market survey in March 2016 for your reference.
http://www.payscale.com/research/SG/Job … per/Salary

Hello surya2k.  please tell me how can I find the web developer jobs in Singapore ? I am a Sri Lankan. I have BSc (Hons) Computing degree with 2Y of experience.

which areas should I refers to find the job ?

Believe I had suggested you in another thread to check local consultant who is placing foreign placements e.g. Michelpage consultant. In other way apply job online after visiting Singapore job portals like recruit.net or jobsDB or jobstreet and so on.

Last not the least, you may visit here (stay more than a month) to see if you've luck then you may get a call as mostly professional jobs in Singapore either people get direct placement through consultants or direct companies here or your local company send here for onsite visit.

Please note that with less than three years work experience, work visa are only given in exceptional cases (e.g. If you have rare niche skills).
In general, web development work gets more and more outspurced to India - maybe you want to look there instead?

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