Tax fee for citizen in Belgium

Hello all! I just moved to Belgium last month. I know we must pay the tax fee for something we use daily life such as tax for car, house... This morning I heard a TV talk show that citizen must pay tax for their own TV at home. It's a yearly tax, not a for cable TV or what. I'm surprised, I never heard that citizen must pay tax fee for TV or radio. Anyone knows what else the citizen have to pay tax for country? Sorry my English is not so good.

no no not tax for cable TV; it's a tax for general TV. use cable or not, have to pay one fee if own a TV at home. It show on a Beglian TV Channel this morning.

Awan, Liege

Hi Phanich,

This is actually an annual fee which is paid in Wallonia ... This tax amounts to +/- 100€. It covers the artistic royalty fees as well for all radio and TV in the house and car radio.

Beste stijnsc87,
Alles is niet perfect in Vlaanderen ook...
Groeten van een luikse vriend

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