Bored on weekend and tired of hustle and bustle of Saigon? I had this problem too till I started kitesurfing. It is life changing activity, for sure...

Check out this awesome video - even if you are not going to kite surf, look at Mui Ne from bird's view

It is nice place.. but IT WAS so much nicer 10 years a go when I was there kitesurfing..

Aha, found someone who love kitesurf....

Is there wind there this time of the year?  Will be relocate to Saigon next month

Not relieble one... Season starts about December.

June is still quite good actually! And season starts end-October, not December! We have 280 days of wind per year!

By windy 5-7m/s is not windy... :P And while season might start october but real winds constants 10m/s starts December/January... And ends about march.

There is sea breeze in Mui Ne for sure but that is never 100% sure.

Well 12 knots is windy enough for those who know how to kite... Are you actually in Muine? Cause I am and we were kiting from October till recently. Of course after March its not the same but more than enough for those who know what they doing. And for students. As you probably know you need less wind for body dragging.

Yes, 6ms is ok for students.. For body drag.. And using big kites that are slow and big boards...  But some people don't consider that fun...

And fact is that there is a reason why people don't come Mui Ne too early on the season (unless your instructor and you need to make money) Ps, I am but that is lot of work...😛

well Im not tiny and I'm on 8, max 10 m and 135 cm board all JUNE, not talking about previous months, and Im not even instructor and I'm having so much fun you can't imagine. Cause its empty out there while people are waiting for 20 knots...

12 knot will be ideal for beginners ,  8M u might get into trouble from time to time (but hey, dragging with a kite is a good practice),  10M+135 will be minimum in my opinion, anyway very much depend on your weight. If i'm desperate, then i'll go out with a 16M Flysurfer in 12 knots (i'm 68kg)

I only have a 6M and a 10M with me, +  134 board, so guess i have to wait til Nov.

Wald,   What's the price for a Nobile 50/50 134 board? And RRD's kite, any dealer?

I'm hesitate to bring my 4 yrs ol gear along, might as well sell it here then buy a new set in VN.

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