Egyptian Lawyer...offering Friendship & Help in Egypt...

My name is Mohammad Kassab.
I'm a free lawyer & I manage a music band for a famous singer in Egypt.
I used to be a Diplomat Assistant at the Royal Thai Embassy in Cairo.
I know most of all Expats issues & problems.
I'm ready to help at anytime.
And I'm open to close friendships.
Can't wait to talk to all who needs any help.
Yours,Mohammad Kassab.

Welcome to Mohammad!

Thank you Julien....It's a pleasure to be here...

Hi Mohammad,

I saw your blog and I think you are just the right person to ask for help. I am looking for someone living in Egypt. I really need help.


Hi Monet,

maybe you should ask your questions ?

Yes Monet....
Ask anything.

Hi Mohammad,

sorry I was away for quite sometime. I want to know what the best move would be for someone who processed his accident claim but no single amount ever reached him.

We should meet and talk if you need to explain to me more.
What do you think?

That will be practical I believe.

Hello Mohammed and also from me a very belated 'Welcome to the Site'.

Actually I also do have a legal question I would like to get an advice on,  but I would prefer not to do that inside the public forum. Would it be ok to contact you through private message here?

Anja Amira

Sure...You're welcome at anytime.

That is very nice of you Mohammad

Thank you Momo :)

Mohanmed do any honest lawyers exist in Hurghada? I think not. Twice I have paid so called ‘lawyers' only for them to take my money and do nothing more than accept money from the other side. There should be a law in Egypt to stop this widespread fraud.

I have citizenship questions. My father was Egyptian but I was left an orphan with no paperwork in another country. I want to claim My Egyptian Citizenship though.


Hi mohammed, I really need your help regards to property and immigration issues here in egypt. Let me know if you can be of help so I can discuss more about it with you


Are lawyers in Cairo more trustworthy? I have to get some paperwork done but I dont want to go to Egypt.

Hello my name is Al, American Citizen who I delt with a lawyer here in Egypt and she was superb, honest and she will tell you up front if your case is a done deal or not, neither she will accept the other side money once she takes your case... The only issue is her English is week, Luckly I spoke Arabic (not greet, but enough) if you like to speak to here, I can send you her name and phone numbers (you will need to communicate with her via WhatsApp in order she translate it on her base) ... 

Hi Mohammed,
My family and I are in need of a lawyer to help with a property dispute in Egypt. 

What is the best way to communicate with you about this matter?

Thank you!
@Spot Clean 
Can you please send me her information? My family and I are in serious need of a good lawyer. We have dealt with several lawyers who have only taken our money and done nothing. 

Thank you!

@Monica Monika this is a pretty decent lawyer and he'll inform you straight up what's gonna happen. I'll dm the number

Sorry I was back home, her name is Ola Ramadan, her phone number***
Thank you
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@Spot Clean Hello Al,
Could you give me the contact details of the lawyer? I would very much appreciate this. Sorry for not responding any sooner. 
 Hello! Can you ANYBODY with any information help me?! I'm almost in tears!! I've been here In Egypt a little over six months and I haven't had any issues. However I have a very close friend and her cousin who's been here, tried to renew their visas and they handled/detained them like criminal dogs!! The embassy didn't do anything, just let the authorities run rampant, threatened and pull guns on them and sent them  to sharm. WHAT THE HELL is going on here? Then I'm seeing one of my favorite YouTubers (Best Ever Food Review Show) also saying how disgusting he was recently treated by authorities. This is so shocking to me! I had no clue this was going on and upon further investigation it seems Egyptian government is known for this type of thing. I need help so I can try and help my friend. I don't really know what's going to happen when they get back to sharm, but resources for Americans (besides the embassy 🤨) would be an absolute blessing and I'm sure my friend and her cousin would be grateful. Pls reach out if you can help. I'm sure other Americans might face this and need help also. I'm probably the only person she has that will help her and her cousin. She's not close to her family and so… oh man 😩 I don't even know where to start, please please help 🙏
Situation has been resolved, but still unsettled. We still have no clue why this happened. I'm happy that it's over but now comes the WHY??? That is still unanswered. Thanks for everyone's help. Anyone with more insight or more resources would be appreciated ❤️🙏🏾
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