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Dear all
I am currently living in Portugal (near Lisbon) right now. I have fiscal number and social number both. Paying taxes regular basis. And I have my appointment to SEF coming November, 2016. After I got my appointment date, I change my job without any gap following by contract date issues. By November, my tax will run for 16 months. I came here last year June, 2015. I came to UK with a valid visa in 2006 and I traveled to Austria once for a week in 2008 with schengen visa . Since last year I was in UK. Last year when I came in Portugal, unfortunately I didn't have any valid schengen visa to enter. Somehow I got entered into Portugal. Recently I heard , if anyone come in Portugal or any other Europe country without schengen visa , they will not get residence permit. Is anyone can tell me, am I able to get residence permit here or not? Thank you

i got marriage with Portuguese woman in uk but uk has refused us now i dont have visa what i do can i apply in Portugal

It's truth
Without visa you can't have but you may still try

But your wife can apply for Portugal


Brother i am in Portugal as well but i want to know i can apply here without visa when i got marriage i had visa now i dont have and plz give me advise

gourav brothere if you know the law in Portugal let me know plz

Hello Raj

Please read article 88/2 where you will find information, furthermore i would suggest you consult with SEF lawyer,

Good luck!!

plz raj bro give me your no i will call you

gorave brother i need information can you give you no plz

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