Political tensions in Brazil: caution recommended

Hello everyone,

Given the tense political situation in Brazil, foreign nationals who are on the spot or who are planning to travel there are advised to be very careful during coming days.

Several political gatherings are scheduled throughout the country on Sunday 17th of April. Clashes are also expected among supporters. Foreign nationals are therefore advised to keep themselves updated regarding the schedules and assess the situation through the media before moving around.

Mass demonstrations are mostly expected in Brasilia, the capital city, but other gatherings may also take place spontaneously elsewhere, without notice. Expats, that is to say, those who do not possess Brazilian nationality, are also advised to demonstrate political neutrality during their stay.

It is truly getting very tense in the country at the moment - i, as an easily recognisable gringo regardless of how i dress, just avoid large gatherings and in the evening i avoid poor areas.

It is very easy to get dragged into a discussion about politics but some people get very hostile if a gringo express his opinion about brazilian politics that he does not agree with. In normal times i would welcome a discussion with someone i disagree with - nothing more boring than "discussing" with someone you agree with - but this is not normal times.

By now you just hope that the political madness stops  but it will probably get worse before it gets better.

Although the above post was written inn 2016, I find that (3 years later) it is the same (or worse) . . . As a foreigner, I can look with some objectivity at things around me. I feel "targeted" in a way. . . . I am here because of my Brazilian wife and her properties (trapped in Brazil's family probate courts) . . .. I am concerned about the political climate here.

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