International Schools in Xiamen

We are planning to move to Xiamen ! My husband and my 3 boys ! We need information for English speeding schools !!! Thanking you in advance!

Hey you can consider tutor

Hi, Anna. We are considering moving to Xiamen.  My wife and three kids. Any interesting findings?
Also. What about health care?

Hi, hopefully moving too! With my husband and son! Did you find anything out? We are just starting the process and as husband does all the interview process I'm looking for schools and  homes!

Hi CEDum. Just that there are these two main schools: XIS and MXIS. The first one is much more expensive, about 20K per annum. The second one I couldn't contact.

Thanks Enrique, I've tried to contact MXIS too but no reply! My son will be 4 when we move so I think he can go to a kindergarden?? We don't have those in England so I'm confused by all the education structure!

There is Arthur's International Education, that is a brand new beautiful school for ages 3-18 that is starting classes after the holidays.  It is located in Siming district.

*** is the director's email if interested

Thank you Chi2Xia... I've emailed them but non reply as yet, do you know if there is a Website?  Thank You! … IEYB5Io#rd

This is the only site I could find.  The address of the school is :

unit 114, No. 28, Huizhan North Road, Siming District, Xiamen

Good Luck, I got the information off of WeChat...

That's great, thank you, I will look it up!


Just wondering if anyone has information on Arthur's. Can't find much.
I have emailed that address above. Nothing back yet.
I have two girls aged 6 and 10.
Would like to know more on their classes, semesters and tuition if anyone can help.

Thank You!

Hi guys, from what I see some of us are on the same "plain"... I'm portuguese married to a dutch with a 10month old baby, and we are also considering to move to Xiamen, but would love to have some feedback from families currently living there and your experience with all the move and settling in.  Hope some of you can give me some insight. Thank you

Hi.  I see this is an old thread, but did you ever move with your kids and if so, how did they settle in?

Hi there,

We are still working on this matter so to say. My husband got the job and we are moving to Xiamen somewhere in October/November.

Sadly I haven't been able to go myself to Xiamen but my husband has been and he loved it, Never seen him so excited about such a big move and he is extremely confident that me and our little girl will have no problems there.

I have made my research and managed to get some contacts online about schools/kindergartens. Happy to pass any info I have and you may need. Feel free to ask me any questions and i will answer the best I can.

Best Regards,

Hey, could you send me the info you have found out so far?  We sent an email to XIS but never received a reply yet. 

Haven’t been able to find out much either about other options in Xiamen.

We are also like looking to move beginning of next year or so, but still need to jump through the hoops to get the job 😉

Hi Telma
Did you consider Concordia International School of Xiamen CISX? They are recruiting students for August intake this year. They belong to Concordia International Hong Kong which seems to have done well in that region since 1990. I got to understand that CISX is a 100% American school for kindergarten and grade 1 and 2 as of actual capacity. Let me know if you contact them. My friend is also seeking a placement for his kids; 5 and 7y.

Hi Anthony, my little one is currently 19 months old so i've been looking for kindergartens for her. i have found one in the area where he will be looking to live. After a long search, failed contacts and some great and unexpected connections i've made my choice, but thanks for the info. do you happen to have any more insights on international kindergartens or schools? I know Concordia is a fairly new one to Xiamen. Thank's a mile

hey! i posted a message yesterday! but i just seen this!
ill be moving to XIamen next summer,

did you manage to put your kids in those schools?

i contacted them both and they told me it was about 150k rmb a year! and it doesnt include the extra activities~!

can you tell me where you enrolled your kids?


looking forward to hearing from you,

Can anybody guide and help.
Moving to Xiamen from India as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow along with 9 year old son.

Xiamen International School is not at all affordable for me given my fellowship as it will consume more than I am expected to earn annually there  :)

Would like to learn from the experience of others who have been through this situation.

Are there any other affordable primary schools (International/Bilingual) near Siming or Xiang'an ?

Please communicate.

Did you receive any reply from somebody?

Similar situation with me.

Hi, No one is replying to me! i feel the same that, that international school is above and beyond my means,

but i havent received a reply, so i suppose i need to go Xiamen in the winter time and scope it all out for myself,

as they say, if you want something done, do it yourself!

We are to shift very soon ...The next month itself
......I tried different kind of searches on internet but to no satisfying avail....

Me and my wife have finally decided to first land there and then explore the ground reality

We are also thinking about options like Bilingual Schools and the last open schooling

if your going to open one! well then you can afford to send your kid to a billingual school!

ill be moving there in July /Aug time so i might see you around!

Yes, definitely.

Conduct a thorough background check of the teachers before applying to any school. The rest is just marketing. Unfortunately, there is high employee turnover among teachers in China (few stay for a long time) as most Chinese schools only care about revenues and very little about how to boost the quality and keep good teachers. Xiamen is not a good place for international schools right now. Concordia shut down as the CEO and his leaders screwed things up tremendously. It's easier to find kindergarten schools. But do your due diligence beforehand! I am an expat teacher and corporate trainer with 13 years experiences so I know the industry.

And the local government in xiamen makes it tremendously hard to start an international school. They add unreasonable requirements and they care nothing about creating a competitive and qualified local market with good choices for parents. It's a pain in the ass.

Hi @fiona61 pls check my comments

I know a taiwanese kindergarten school in xiamen; contact me if you want a free onsite tour.
Pm here.

Avoid them.
They are not serious
A problem in China is that many schools don't understand below words, and they don't know how to hire and keep qualified global teachers from developed nations like UK,.usa,.Germany,.Scandinavia etc.

Concepts they don't understand include:
Quality teaching in the 21st century
What skills are needed to succeed in the 21st century
How to teach and make students curious in a topic
How to make students creative independent learners and critical thinkers
How to make students problem solvers
More can be added.....
I am sure there are some good schools in cities like Taipei, Hong Kong,.Shenzhen Shanghai and Beijing. But the rest is yada yada...
Good luck

Thanks for all your tips, that's really useful.

I would love to know about the Taiwanese school. I am a kindergarten teacher and would love to find a new job in Xiamen.

best wishes and thanks

Hi Anthony,
I just saw your post about the Taiwanese school. Can you tell me the name, contact, etc? We are making the move in July and will be looking for something for my 4 year old. I also have a 7 year old that is currently in Grade 2 in Canada. Can you give me any insight into XIS? I have heard mixed reviews.
Thank you!

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