New members of the USA forum, introduce yourself here – 2nd quarter of 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the USA forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in the USA if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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I am sophy from Cambodia and I am really new to this site and I am not only pretty happy to share what I have had in Cambodia to everyone if needed any guide about my Cambodia from me,but I am pretty also happy to learn and get any guide or suggestion,on the other hand,I am going to live and work there in the USA that is my right dream in life but Iet see first which is better as the right word says" right seeing is right believing "

my name is Marie Tewa oulare I leave in guinea and i want to travel to the USA to look for a job there.i just want to travel to USA and work there because i like that country and many those thing

Hello everyone and welcome on board  :)

[at] Marieoulare, i suggest you go through the articles of the Living in the USA guide so that to gather a maximum infos on how you can go about with moving to USA.

Then, if you have questions, create your own topic on the USA forum so that members may advise you.

All the very best,

Hi everyone. My name is Mae from Philippines but now living in England for 15 years. I had a brief stint working in US for 3 years then back to England before my working visa expired. Now, I got good job offer in Houston in coronary care. I'm just waiting for my immigrant visa interview this end of May so fingers crossed everything will be fine.

hello everyone
My name is Imen , Iam from Tunisia and Iam living in Chicago . Iam here for buisness , Iam looking for new friends .

Welcome to the forum

Bob K

Thanks BOB

i'll be glade to be your friend but i'm in guinea Conakry now and i want to come in USA

Hi, I have already introduced myself.

Hi , I just joined this group. Moved to US in late 2014, so far things have been smooth and thought me to be very independent.

Welcome.  Where did you move from?  Why did you relocate?

Bob K

from guinea Conakry because i want to come and work there in USA

Thanks Bob. I relocated  from Malaysia for work assignment.


Hi, I'm Sergio, I'm Portuguese, and I'm an architect and I'm 39 years old. I've been the last 9 years in Angola and working in the construction business. I have a dream to meet, work and live in the USA. It was a dream to be able to fulfill this dream of mine. I'm 100% ready to accept new challenges.

Heloo am Mira a Ghanaian, a marketer for a laboratory and a reception. Wanna make new  friends cos I intend to travel. Will like to show expats anything in Ghana, be tourist, night life and anything the will love to knoe

Nothing exciting here - worked in the US in banking/finance/recruiting, lived in a number of states.

Hello guys am Abo from Egypt I have been to the States and I fnish my study as aviator there and am planning to return back to Santa Antonio Texas or Florida so I can work and enjoy my time with my friends there

Hello everyone!

I'm originally from Los Angeles, California, having lived there until the age of 13; I then moved to Cap d'Ail, France which is situated at the border with Monaco.

I spent 7 years in France playing football for academies and clubs such as AC Boulogne-Billancourt in Paris and AS Monaco FC. During this time I became fluent in French and received my Baccalauréat in Economics & Social Studies to complete lycée.

I then moved back to the U.S. and studied International Business at Lynn University where I graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors in an enhanced program in simply 5 semesters, or 2.5 years. Directly after my university studies I passed my real estate & mortgage loan originator licenses and moved to Miami Beach.

I currently reside and work in Miami Beach as an executive loan originator specializing in Foreign National Loans, difficult-to-finance buyers, and of course, U.S. Residents! The relationships my company Financial Triangle has with many wholesale banks is unprecedented in this area.

Hi I'm Justino, from Beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.
My family and I want to start planning our move over to the USA, in the next two years, hopefully by 2018, most probably Orlando. So just looking for advise to help make our move a more comfortable one. Plan to buy a property in the USA I already have a registered LLC.
So looking forward to some great advise.
Happy Days

Thanks for that Info,

Hi Justino!

Well if you want to use credit or banking to purchase you will need to have and to continue your activities and occupation in South Africa before and until the closing happens.

For you to be financeable you will need to gather the 3 last months of your business or personal bank account statements and a down payment of 30% & proof of the employment or self employment (like a web site or CPA letter) before placing any offer on a property.
Once the house is closed then and only then will the move will be easy. Otherwise the other option is renting for the time until the home has closed.
After the housing part is completed, then everything is possible; your new home can even become your office in the beginning.


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Thanks Gatien, I will keep your contact details when I am in a better position, or closer to the time of wanting to purchase.

Hello my name is Alvaro, I am from Colombia, South America, my current home is in Austin, Texas.  I am looking to visit the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands next year and I will like to connect with people from USA or Colombia who are currently living in that area before my visit next summer.

Alvaro B :

Hello my name is Alvaro, I am from Colombia, South America, my current home is in Austin, Texas.  I am looking to visit the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands next year and I will like to connect with people from USA or Colombia who are currently living in that area before my visit next summer.

Welcome, for better luck at connecting with people living in Utrecht, you should post an introduction or look on the topics in the Netherlands -> Utrecht forum.

Good luck

Romaniac Experts Team

Hi all,

I am a Kenyan and a frequent traveller to Boston for meetings and business.
I feel lonely and bored and so wish to connect with Kenyans within Boston who we can chat and interact on a few things when I am in Boston.

i'm Amira from alexandria, egypt .. i have a great interest in america, i really hope to be able to immigrate soon, i'm a decent pharmacist with high proficiency in English and hard worker .. but it seems like getting jobs in USA is getting really hard, so i thought talking to native americans would help clarifying the real market situation in america.

Hello, I'm Cynara from Brazil. I've lived in USA for 15 years and moved back to Brazil to finish my studies in Business Administration. My plans for the near future is to move back to USA where I've always enjoyed it and I plan to live in US for good. Even though I have a Business Administration degree, finding a job in Brazil nowadays is very hard to get once we're in recession so I've decided to teach English to Brazilians who want to learn English as a second language. I also give private classes online via Skype to foreigners who wants to learn Portuguese. Hopefully I can fulfill my dreams in moving back to USA soon!!!!

Welcome to the forum cynara

Hello everybody                                                                                                                                        i am jocelin.i am from Gabon and i want to travel to USA.
I am waiting for your advices.

Hello everyone, I'm Thomas from Italy :)

Hi everybody! My name is Justine, I'm from France. I'm going to USA (New Jersey) on september, 19th for three months. I'm going there to learn english so I would like to know if you know any organism, association which gives English classes for foreigns. Here in France we can find associations which give free french classes. Language stays are very expensive hehe
Thank you :)

Hello, newbie on!

Live in NYC, im from Zimbabwe

Avez vous déjà contacté le consulat de Fr à NY?

Thank you Julien and hello everybody, my name is Nga. I am a 'new comer' to the US. It is almost two and a half months since the date I arrived. I spent a day in Washington DC (the centre- visiting places only), about three weeks in Alexandria city and the rest of the period I am around Brambleton, Virginia where I am living for now. I would love to explore this state and certainly, get acquainted with new friends in this lovely country. I am here for living, both learning and working. Cheers and regards. Nga.

Hi everyone! I'm Ron from the Philippines, currently in Michigan. :)

Hello All,
Just returned to US from living in UK for 8 years, traveled alot to fantastic cities in Russia region, Europe and Middle East, look forward to networking with other internationals. 
Visiting Europe again, Munich/Frankfurt and UK in a couple weeks.

All the best,


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