Help needed how to find work in Belgium!

Hi there, Can anyone one assist me where I I can look for cleaning jobs that will help me get my foot into Belgium? I do have international hospitality cleaning expereince and I'm a experienced nanny. At present time I'm based in Malta where I work and live as a nanny but I would like to changed my location and come and work in Belgium ......I been to Brussels a few times and I totally love this place and the people....PLEASE HELP ME!

Hello Lichelle

Kindly note that we have a section on this site dedicated to host adverts of job hunt. Please refer there with a detailed cv for better feedback concerning job related queries :

>Jobs offers in Belgium


I know you have a sector for job hunting but I need advise where to look....what websites in Belgium can help me.

Hi Lichelle, try and


I just got back from Bxl.Been there for month and a half.I don't speak French or Dutch.I understand some French.
I contacted literally every cleaning agency and they expect you to have a car (only 2 replied).
I contacted every hotel,motel and hostel regarding a cleaning job....and no positive reply.They need someone who speaks French.
I also applied to employment agencies and no reply,even though they say they are looking for people who want to work as cleaning aid.
I browsed for jobs in factories,but their sites usually only post ads for engineers.

Thanks guys the info is very helpful.

Try the airport ...

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