3 Month visa Extensions Ban.

Anyone have any news regarding the Visa extensions for tourists ? I hear a lot of talk that the 3 months extensions are now completely obsolete and the ban will never be lifted. But if i look at the history, they place a ban every few months on extensions and every time they have lifted it after a month or two ... Anyone has any information on this at all ?

If it is permanent I think i will just get Business Visa on my next due date.

Hi there!

As far as I know at the moment with a tourist visa, you only can extend for 1 month more. If you dont want to extend, you should leave Vietnam and get back with a new visa. I could arrange a visa on arrival for you which lasts for 6 months or even 1 year and it will be a business visa.

what do you need to get the 6 month or 1year bus visa. I am in the states and plan on coming in October


I just got here a few weeks ago on a 5-year visa with multiple entries.  At airport immigration I was stamped to stay here in the country for 6 months. 

I am sure Thailand or Cambodia will be nice place to visit when it gets closer to 6month stay.

Apparently the new rule coming in will be,even on a VEC you have to exit the country every six months, whereas before you could just keep getting the stamp from immigration.


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Hi everyone, I would like to know if it's possible for me to go to Vietnam on a one way ticket from Ottawa Canada to go chi Minh city?

I can't open that file mate i am currently in Ottawa Canada planning to leave in October

In Vietnam, they never ask for a return ticket dear but I hurt one of my friend in Canada told me that he must showed his return ticket when he left Canada. Any way, if you need help with Vietnam visa on arrival, you can find me. A simple and easy way to get to Vietnam. I can arrange even 1 year visa for you.


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