Need help to get my wife's birth certificate

Hello everyone,

We live in US and my wife was born in Kuwait although she's not a Kuwaiti citizen. His father was working in Kuwait when she was born, her parents received her Birth Certificate from Kuwait (Farwania area) then they lost her Birth Certificate later.

Now we need her Birth Certificate to file perm residence in US, as I searched online the process in simple but the person or his/her agent has to be present in person to get the Birth Certificate.

We cannot travel to Kuwait and we don't know anyone in Kuwait. I just want to ask is there any company or legal firm anyone knows who can help in this regard we can pay some compensation. Please let me know if someone know or been through this situation and how they resolved this issue.


hey sir ..

we happy to help you with that... i'm  working for law firm well unkown

so you can contact me for further information sir


Mnauman, did you manage to get the birth certificate? Can you please send me details and costs?

themeanings, please message me your details.

Hi Ahmed - I need to get my birth certificate as i was born in kuwait. Can you please help.

Hi, i recently managed to get my birth certificate from an agent in kuwait but he charged a bomb. Pls pm me if you still want his details.

Can i please have his details.

Can you please share the agents name and contact no. Please help me. You can connect me on What'sapp on +91 8796010640 (India No.)

Can you please share the agents name and contact no. Please help me. You can connect me on What'sapp on +*** (India No.)
I need a birth certificate from Kuwait, however I have no contacts over there. I was born in 1983 and came to India in 1986. Please share any contacts details which can be of any help. Currently Im staying in the US and it would be very difficult for me to travel to Kuwait in person, hence required assistance.

Hi, the agent that i used has left kuwait. Dont have any other contact. Sorry and good luck.

I have been trying since 9 months but no luck so far. I was born in 1979 and my birth certificate was misplaced during evacuation after invasion.

Kuwaiti visas are closed for Pakistanis since 6 years and so physically appearing there is not possible. I dont see any online help as well. So far no one picked up phone at ministry of health.

I need birth certificate or letter of "birth certificate not found" stamped and signed by Ministry of health or relevant authority.

Can anyone give out detailed instructions or guidelines? Lawyers are charging way too much.

Kindly respond. Thanks.

Can you please connect me to that agent ?

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