Please review about the following schools

1)Middle east school
2)al rawod school
3)manarat school
4)multinational school

and also schools you know or where your kids are studying.

Hi Parveen banu,

What kind of information are you looking for please?
How can we possibly help you?


Priscilla  :cheers:

About the teachers, academic level etc

Assalam u alaikum sister,

All those schools you mentioned , do they follow british curriculum?

Studied at Middle East school for ten years. Based on my experience and my friends at various other schools, its the best in terms of value for money.

You can try Al Faris or learning caravan or Choefahad schools. Heard a lot good about those.  Don't know whether they have all native teachers or not. The schools you listed in your post follow both American and British curriculum. But they are not the worth paying fee they charge.

Hi parveen banu,
my daughter in al rowad school, it's fantastic.
Also i heard that Middle east have two branches, one in sulaymaniyah, and the other one in Al Naseem with indian staff, and it's v. good also

pls help.I am coming from UK.Need a school with english curriculum.Not very keen on BISR because of lack of islamic environment.
Which school is good for A levels.
After some search i found
1) Manarat
2) Rowad
3) al Hussan
4) Jawahir
and few others.Pls advice..Thanks

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