Looking for Actors & Actresses for A Jordanian Feature Film -

Jordanian Feature Film 
Audition Call
We are seeking for volunteering cast members to be part of such a one of its kind feature film that will be distributed globally.
‘Laila & Deeb’ --- Never Ask Why!   
An Action Comedy feature film that talks about Laila. A Jordanian girl, which counterfeits a number of bizarre events. Her freaky Journey through the film starts off with her sitting on the bar with a Terrorist and ends up with her leaving with President Obama
From Saturday Till Monday -   

Casting is in the Regency Hotel, Office 307
From Friday till 15th of Dec. 2010

Be a part of this Success!

our facebook page


or send me to get more details

PS: Americans & highly needed for the film :D

Hello Jordany :)

Can you please post your message on Amman Classifieds Page.

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I did, thanks yud

Laaaaa2, missed it .__.

Oh well.. Good luck :)

I'm an Arab American who just moved to Amman from California, I'm 23 years old and I go to SAE Institute for film making. I would like to audition so please send me the details and I will be in touch. Have a great day!

Hello salamq,

Please note that this thread has not been active for around 5 years now. You can go through the Jobs in Amman section and post an ad there for your job search.

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