How to move my British pension to China?

Hey as my previous post stated i am looking to move to China, what have British expats done with their pensions? and how do i move it across to China?

Hi Chloe,

If you have plans to retire outside the UK, you can transfer the money out and invest it with an offshore provider under the " Qualified Recognised Overseas Pensions Schemes" (QROPS). 

You cannot take out the money for other uses.
All the best to you and feel free to ask if you need further details.


Hello Chloe,

It depends on the amount that you need to transfer but new services like Azimo, WorldRemit, Transferwise... are very interesting. They allow you to transfer your money from UK to China fastly, cheap and easily. You can do it by bank transfer and to pay by several means.

I suggest you to compare them to find the cheapest one, you can use a money transfer comparison tool to save time if necessary.

have a good day :)