1 bed/bath or studio wanted near coast road

Western expat teacher, responsible and clean, is seeking a one bed/bath or studio from Mahbouta to Fahaheel, preferably in Abu Halifa,

Rent below 300K, best view, balcony, if available.

Prefer to start May 1.

Message here for email or whatsapp.

Hi, this is Bingxi from China.
It is quite easy to find an apartment in that area with below 300kd.
Good luck!
Have a great day!


Hello MisterStretch,

Kindly post your (free) rental search ad to our HOUSING section, which you can access by clicking on the HOUSING tab in the toolbar at the top of this page.

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What is an "accommodation" section for, then?  Seeking accommodations?

The Accommodations section of the forum is for asking information and advice about issues like tenant - landlord dispute issues, preferred areas to rent in, average rental/sales values, and other issues surrounding accommodations.

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