mom issued 1yr s pass renewal

Hi everyone! Ive been working at Singapore in a facility management for 7yrs now. This month my employer renewed my pass and mom only give me 1yr s pass validity. Previous yrs was always 2yrs. My question are, is anyone here had experience same 1yr renewal and did mom renew their pass after it. Do you know any reason why mom now usually issued 1yr pass. My passport is stil until 2019 so i did disregard the issue of my passport validity and my employer shows to me that they did applied for 2yrs pass however mom only approved 1yr renewal.

What I understand from information provided by MoM is that your passport does have minimum 25 months validity, and it's MoM's process and weight on the basis of its renewal, its quota system and various other things which they might have considered before issuing renewal pass.

But, it's clearly shows that the pass can be approved for 1 year or 2 years or 3 yrs. so, don't think much. All the best.,

S Pass is normally issued for 1-2 years at a time and renewable thereafter at the discretion of MOM based on local employment condition.

However, the extant empirical evidence suggests that there are enough graduates from local polytechnics and universities majoring in facilities management courses who are ready to be trained to fill up such positions here.

It's as clear as ​day that MOM is trying not to leave you in the lurch without a job and as a nice “gesture”, ample time is given to you to prepare your passage out of Singapore, so always have your Plan B ready.

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