2016 Price guide to living in Casablanca

Hello, looking for price guides for living in Casablanca (or outlying areas), for 2016.  *I did find the 2015  post for price guide for Morocco,  but was looking for more specific prices to Casablanca area.
I am looking for ...
Nice but  lower cost Housing 1-2 bedroom;

whatever you think would be helpful, thank you in advance.

I am not looking to share an  apartment but am a single woman so  safety is a  concern.  Also, I know petit taxis will be a way of life until I get the public buses down. I am hoping to  be able to walk  to many things to start also. 
Thank you

Hello Gwegner and welcome to Expat.com

Concerning your accommodation hunt, I invite you to check out rental proposals in the Housing in Casablanca section of our site. Droping an advert of your search there will help too :top:

This section of the forum will help provide some informations too : Cost of living in Casablanca


Also try this website for cost of living   www.numbeo.com

Thank you Stumpy this helps a lot!!! Chukran

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