High school students looking for English speakers .

Greeting all ,
On behalf of my students(High school) , I am posting this message hopefully it can reach people who are interested and willing to visit our school for a cuture to culture English chat , please do contact me if you are an English speaker living in Agadir city  .In order  to help these young students practice their English and put their skills into action , please contact me for more  details  :)
Best regards ,
English teacher
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I wish I did. I am in casablanca  ... it's a great idea

I am a native English speaker and live in Agadir and would be more then happy help your students. I am a greater supporter of Moroccans learning English as it is far more useful then French today.
I can't give too much time but let me know what your expectations are
Best regards

Salaam Layla:

I am available as you are aware of my schedule.  I would be happy to help if this is still an activity you plan.


Hi Layla,

if you are going to hold a session like this again. I have time in January 2018.

do let me know if your school is interested.


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