Accommodation for a couple of months in Cuenca


if we to come to Cuenca for a couple of months, how much should we except to pay for an apartment a month, approximately?

We would need a decent 2-bedroom apartment, with all the appliances preferably and furnished.

I read some blogs from back in 2013 and at that time it was possible to rent something very decent at the range of $200-400. As I understand this is not the case any longer?

Also, how difficult would it be to find an accommodation? Is it possible to find something online prior to coming to the city?

Thanks a lot for all your help in advance!

Landlords anywhere in Ecuador who rent furnished apartments by the month to Expats charge well above market rents, which currently are....

    1-bedroom apartment in central Cuenca $358 per month

    3-bedroom apartment in central Cuenca $538 per month

Rents in nearby areas outside Cuenca are 25-30 percent below the above prices.

Source for these market-rent statistics:

Your information was correct:  the days of the $200 per month apartment in Cuenca suitable for arriving Expats are over, a casualty of EC’s third-largest city having become the world’s favorite retirement venue.

  -- cccmedia

Where can I find an apartment that is not targeting expats. Looking for a one year lease on a furnished. Should I air bnb or hotel for a week or so and look for for rent signs, or is there a local classified publication I can peruse? Thanks for all your help!

OLX and MercadoLibre have lots of listings

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