Please advise on American school is New Delhi

We are US and overseas citizens of India living in NY for last 15 years and looking to move back to Delhi. We have 2 US born and raised children (6th and 4th grade). Both kids can't write Hindi.
Which schools in New Delhi/ Gurgan accept Non- Hindi speaking kids and have cirruculam catered to American standard of education and what is the annual fees? Please advise

There is a AMERICAN SCHOOL at chanakyapuri  Area New Delhi.

For more detail visit website

Thank you Bipin. Are there other international schools that would accept non- Hindi speaking students and have a US/UK standard of education?

tagaore international school vasant vihar and american school

American  school  will  take your children since they are Americans. Schools fees are minimum  50k a year  it's 50k in USD.

All schools  in India have high standards am living in India now  coming  from France and my children  couldn't get into the Indian school .

Best of luck

we are Indian-American and send our kids to the British School. it follows the National Curriculum of England.. check the website for more info.

American Embassy School, British School, Pathways Gurgaon, Goenka World School Gurgaon, DPS International are some good schools

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