Fitted Kitchen ?

Hello again. Does anybody know of any independent contractors/carpenters (Not Retail DIY Stores) who fit bespoke kitchens?

We are about to renovate a property and Don't really want to go through the expense and time (We have been told a three to four month wait for a kitchen to be delivered from a factory in Germany) of paying the likes of Batimex to do it.

Any leads would be most apreciated!



You can try Kitchen Studio in Phoenix.

Tel: 57607338 (Maryse)

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Hi Kirsti
I had a very good service from Kitchen studio two years ago and the business seems to be doing well.
I was renovating a beach house and am very happy with the kitchen designed built and fitted by Maryse and her team.

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If you are looking for hand-made quality solid wood furniture you can try Mastertouch on 57740174. No website, can be considered expensive by some, but really worth it. This workshop based in Quatre Bornes crafts for a niche market of local connoisseurs in Mauritius.

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