I need help in how to get there

I am a 73 year old US Marine (O-3), former intelligence analysis (GS-15), former Defense Finance officer, and suddenly divorced and looking for a new life.

I'm reasonably active, USCG Auxiliary chief, certified vessel examiner, certified instructor.

I'm looking for a simple life, with access to helping others, and living a water filled existence.

I sail, work on boats, and would like a new life, at a lesser cost.

I need help in how to get there, off the net, where to bank, and where to live.

If work is available, then I'm looking for 20 hours a week. 

I can cook, be a tourist guide, and enjoy life in the tropical world.

I served two tours in Vietnam, and have saved enough to enjoy a retirement, in a social environment.

standing by..what can I bring there, what do I need, what medical support is available, and what banks are available to protect my monies?

Can I get there without extradition?


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