Working at Salman al Habib Riyadh

Dear all!

I an a UK based physician and have been offered a good job offer for a consultant Gastroenterology post in Riyadh. I haven't been specified the location of hospital yet. Job offer does include usual perks like accommodation, education funding for kids etc.

Any one currently working in HMG, it would be useful to know what it's like to work for them. I will be interested to know what aspects of living/working I should be discussing with them at this point. Any preferable accommodation if it's based on my choice. I was told that my working hours could be negotiated and I could potentially work straight shifts 0900 to 1700 pm based on my negotiation skills. I think I would be interested in that deal. Any thoughts on that? Also how long does it take to complete the whole process to start working there after accepting the job offer.

If you could try to switch to their UAE will not feel much change environment wise..its one of the Premier hospitals of Kingdom. Riyadh has 3 hospitals and there is another one 365 kilometers away from Riyadh in Buraidah city.. Qassim Region.As much as I have heard its good but job is hectic sometimes but you will be okay as you are Consultant..Good luck to you

Its one of good hospitals in Riyadh, consultant I hv seen there in a very relax position and in comfort zone, further you will get chances to roam around the world and with that a good environment to work, that all what I hv seen as customer :)

The facilities are very good, staff seems quite professional. As doing work their, i believe pressure is everywhere. But overall as their patient i can tell you they have quality services.

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