Practice English and play board games in Tan Phu district

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for people who would like to practice their English while playing board (and card) games. I’m going to organize weekly meetings starting in April. The place will be Trà Sữa Up in Tan Phu district. Everyone is welcome as long as you enjoy playing games – you don’t need to know how to play – I don’t know either, so we’ll learn together :) The meetings are of course free, we’ll just split the cost of renting the games and cover individual expenses (and I’m sure we can get some discounts). Time and date are not set yet, we’ll agree on it when I know who’ll be interested in joining.


Hi Aga,
We do have a group and we have lots of boardgames ourselves. Do you want to join us?
Do come to our gathering this Sunday. .
most of us will be here
See you


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the offer. I knew about the meetings, the problem is that I can never attend them as I'm working then. That's why I decided to take the matter into my own hands and organize my own meeting. After living for 6 months in Tan Phu district and barely being able to meet anyone who speaks at least basic English I'm really in need for some new friends :)


It is a good idea. Email me the adress.

Hi Ab,
         Good to see your trying to get something going, I plan to be in Vietnam end of June, if you plan to stay in Vietnam longer than June I will bring some board games with me when I come. ( no obligation on your part as I'm sure you will put them to good use). Take care and good luck with your idea.
Gerry from Townsville Queensland Australia.

Hi Gerry,

I'll be in Saigon at least until the end of August, with a possibility of staying another year. Thank you for your offer, I hope that the idea will last and that the meetings will continue :)
Let's keep in touch and I hope to meet you in June.

Take care,

I will come

Hi Abi,

Sounds like fun, email me the details if u like, I am a Canadian Taiwanese lives around~



Hi Aga, Im so happy when seeing your topic because i am practicing english and wanna making new friend Im living Tan Binh District near you. I hope we will meet in the future  :) . Please send me your contact or add my skype ***

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Hi you,
I am Phuc. I live in Tan Phu district. I am excited to hear your information. I love it. But i have not heard your plans yet. Ex: When is the meeting? where? How many members? How to organise? Hope to hear more than from you.


Did you ever manage to arrange meetings ?
I would love to play, some games i know and some li dont.

Native english speaker from the UK so would be willing to help oyhers with any english also


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