wish to make new friends

I am landing to CPH on 20th March.. I wish to make new friends at DK.. please let me know which can be the best way for the same also if there is any gathering going on from this group .. I would love to join

Hello Nisha_D

You could make from friends by searching for members in the Copenhagen social network

Once you have some friends on your list, you can create an event and invite them and ask them to invite their friends too, to make a safe expat.com meet up.

You can browse through threads in the Networking in Copenhagen section of the site and participate on threads to increase chances to make friends around.


Hello Nisha,

I am planning to move in April 2016. Please share more info on accomodation part and can you guide me how to get an apartment for rent.


Nice meeting you dear ,Actually I am a Nigerian still lives in Nigeria but wish to come to Denmark .

i am staying in a hotel in copenhagen, where r u staying


Hello Nisha,

Making friends can be hard because  society is generally making people more isolated, because of  modern busy lifestyles,

http://international.kk.dk/artikel/wher … copenhagen

I imagine this place will be the right place for you to go.


Thanks indeed dear

Am new here in Danmark  looking for a friend

Atanasia88 :

Am new here in Danmark  looking for a friend

A good idea is to introduce yourself. Where you are from, what are your likes and dislikes....

Am Atanasia  am 31 years old,am from Namibia  Africa  ,am here now for 1 monthand 6 weeks and it's abit not easy for me to cope  that's why am looking for a friend's, I like meeting new people  from different  race or country, I like reading
I dislike  bad accompanied or alcohol 

Take a look here:


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