Planing to do import and export business in Singapore

Hi all

Anybody can help me to setup  business in Singapore? Planing to import good from singapore and sell to china!

What do you actually export from here to China? As you probably know, there are very few goods made in Singapore, most things go the other way.
In any case, this website tells you how to set up a business in Singapore:
Or you can also engage a company incorporation service provider.

The chicken essence and other popular food product! Not sure yet but still planning but if possible look for local partner!

Brand's, the market leader for essence of chicken products, is indeed a Singapore company (although its origin is British). But none of its products is manufactured here: They have factories in Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand. Furthermore, they already have a strong presence in China and export to there by themselves.

Hi Beppi

Thanks for your advice and do you have any suggestion for me then?

Suggestion? Choose your field of business wisely and make a plan B for failure  - it won't be easy!

Oh, Thanks for your advice and i will take note!

whats type of goods is that ?? under what catergeory .

Oh, thanks for the response! Should be more to consumer electronics !

cargo going out from Singapore to china ??
planning to go by sea or air ??

Depend on urgency to determine! You mean you can help ***

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Hello fuerdai8888

Please drop an advert in the Business Partners in Singapore section of the site to find a partner and more related infos concerning your business plan. :top:


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