Get a job after the move to Malta, VS, finding a job before?

Hi guys.......
I want to be responsible and do the right thing and find a job before we join our daughter in Malta, but its proving near impossible for my husband to get a job there! Yes, I know that its really hard for lots of us to secure a position and its hard everywhere at the moment :)
But the advice I keep getting is that its far easier to get a job in Malta, when you are actually in Malta itself!

He has joined multiple job agencies', visited their offices in Malta in person, viewed countless websites advertising jobs there, all the mainstream and non mainstream ones too.....hes a Barrister , but at the moment specialises in Human Resources. Its so frustrating as we seem to be doing everything we can......

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you 😊

BlossomGray :

But the advice I keep getting is that its far easier to get a job in Malta, when you are actually in Malta itself!

Hi Debbie,

From what I've read on the forum here, from what I've heard from friends who moved to Malta, and from my own experience, I can only give you the same advice...

One exception might be i-gaming, but even there, I've been told, your chances  are much better once you are actually in Malta.

Have you tried any of the facebook pages for jobs in Malta?


Hi Bernie,
Thanks for the reply! I haven't tried Facebook. I don't have an account! What would I need to do to search and look on there?

Many thanks for your help 😊

Please send me his CV for HR and contact number:  xxxx
I will pass it on to a friend who can help.

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Aw thank you so much! That's really kind of you....I've just e mailed my husband and told him to e mail you his CV.
I appreciate your help 😊

This was my same doubt. I think bernie is right. From abroad ok you can send applications..but:
1 Who is gonna call you on a foreign number when in Malta there are already dozens of people interested in the same vacancy? (differnet is the case if u have a very very skilled profile)
2 Ok you're lucky and get a call but you are asked to be in Sliema tomorrow. And i wouldn't like to say "sorry sir i can't be there tomorrow but in 3 days time just the time to arrange a travel" Uhm not great
I think as bernie said "your chances  are much better once you are actually in Malta" ..
Or at least this is my opinion..and I'm from sicily very close to Malta ..
Good luck with your project! :)

But you can try to stay there a week or two to get an's already good in my personal opinion

BlossomGray :

I haven't tried Facebook. I don't have an account! What would I need to do to search and look on there?

Hi Debbie,

I am not sure if you can search the facebook groups if you're not on facebook. Some can be viewed publicly, but in most cases, you need to "join" the groups to see the info posted, and more importantly, to get in contact.

I have the feeling, by the way, that the facebook groups and companies' facebook pages seem to be the most (if not only) up-to-date online sources of information for anything in Malta.

For us, facebook has also proved to be useful for finding a flat. We eventually found the flat we're renting now through a facebook group. The agents who post on facebook actually reply, whereas if you go on the agencies' websites and send them an email, you'll most likely get no reaction at all... And the flats posted on facebook are actually available - something that cannot be said of the flats advertised on agencies' websites, or in the agencies' shop windows...

BTW: I agree with Davide, it's definitely a good idea to go there for 2 weeks or so - that gives you time to arrange for jobs and also other things (e.g. if you need a police record of conduct, or other additional things...)


@ Blossomgray > Maybe you can try to browse through the different offers in the jobs section here :

Also note that you can drop an ad in the same section, it is completely free.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to the jobs section so as to be notified of new job offers. ;)

Have a nice day,


Hi there,

I will be moving to Malta at the beginning of April to start my new job.
So obviously, I do not have an extensive knowledge of the job industry there but I'd like to give you a piece of advice based on my personal experience.

From what I understand, there are a few industries that are particularly flourishing in Malta. Gaming and financial services are quite big and you probably thought about it already but you might want to consider the business aviation industry.
Many european private jet operators are based in Malta or have a branch there, mostly for financial reasons.

I do not believe any technical knowledge related to the industry would be required for a position in their HR department, so no need to worry about that :)

Just type "malta private jet company" in any search engine and you will come by their websites.

Some of these companies are performing very well and regularly hire new employees. So much so that I was able to find my job before moving there with a very junior profile.

I hope this will help and I wish you good luck with your job search!

See you in Malta :)

Thank you very much for all your help and useful information.  I hope that i will find a suitable job soon
See you

Thank you everyone for all your replies! Much appreciated.....will try the Aviation Industry too, thanks for that 😊

What are the names of the Facebook groups?

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There are many Facebook pages to assist you on your job search in Malta, too many perhaps that it may be hard to spot that opportunity that is right for you.

Using a job board gives you access to jobs in Malta from both direct employers and recruitment agencies. Good luck with your search, please get in touch if I can help you.

Online Companies (Gaming, Sales, Callcentres etc.) in desperate need of specific employees (e.g. German speakers) even give you a "relocation package" when you decide to come to Malta and work for them.
I was assisting in some Skype interviews with possible candidates, and if they've qualified, they have been offered relocation package (e.g. one way flight ticket, hotel accommodation for 2 weeks, assistance in finding an apartment, discount on car rental etc.)

Other companies will not even consider your application if you are not already living in Malta.

Thank you 😊

Well I will make no bones about it to find a Job in Malta for non Maltese and without Maltese Language is difficult - there are summer job available but again the demand outstrips supply.

It is obviously easier once your in Malta but job hunting is hard and wages low.

lot depends on age skill and qualifications which the Maltese put a lot of emphasis on.

Many will say its easy but it isnt - the difference in attitudes to when you on Holiday and living here is also a factor - out Maltese friend advised us of this and told us to do our homework.

Thats the best advice I can give and we have lived here for three years all jobs for both myself and my wife have come through networking and not by using agencies.

A big huge piece of Luck also helps! 😁!!

I'm still waiting and hoping and searching!

hello did you find a job?  i am also planning to get a tourist visa to Malta and find a job thanks

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can i apply as a non eu citizen? thanks


send us your CV, we could apply for your work visa


Miss Poppy Taylor

Good afternoon

What positions are you looking to fill in manufacturing? I worked for a major manufacturing company in the U.K for almost 30 years in procurement, as a material controller.

Kind Regards.

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Respected Madam,

I would like to thank you for the posting information of job for your manufacturing working place and so with my interest I have submitted my application with resume for your kind perusal and thus hoping to get a nice response from you to join your business environment as soon as possible.

Thanking you,
A Rozario.

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