How to proceed to RETIRE to Mauritius? Accountant from jo'burg

Hi fellow Mauritians (not Martians)

I am a retired Accountant, and want to retire in Mauritius.

How do I proceed? Finance no problem.

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.


If you go on the BOI site you will had wall the pertinent info and here is the FAQ section: … ermit.aspx

Also do a search on this forum,  there could be some Q&A on some threads which could be   /become handy.

Hello MorryBoss,

Here is some useful information and Visa Requirement in Mauritius/Pages/Visa-Requirements-in-Mauritius.aspx

Please make sure you don't get scammed by so many so called "immigration agents"

Many thanks fellow Mauritions.


If finance is no problem, are you aware of residency available for retired non-mauritians? Check out item D below.....this may assist you. Cheers.....Matt


... are granted to foreigners under FOUR schemes (and cancelled if the conditions have not been fully met after 3 years of operation).

(A) As an INVESTOR ... meaning a person (association, société, partnership or company) intending to (a) make an initial investment of at least US$ 100,000 and (b) carry out an economic activity generating an annual turnover exceeding Rs 4 million. An Investor is granted a Work Permit.

(B) As a SELF-EMPLOYED ... meaning a person who invests at least US$ 35,000 and is engaged in a professional activity generating an annual income exceeding Rs 600,000.-  A Self-Employed is granted a Work Permit.

(C)  As a PROFESSIONAL ... meaning a person employed by a company (société or partnership) under a contract of employment with a basic monthly salary exceeding Rs 75,000.-  A Professional is granted a Work Permit.

(D) As a RETIRED NON-CITIZEN ... who makes an initial and annual transfer to his bank account in Mauritius of at least US$ 40,000.-  A Retired Non-Citizen is NOT granted a Work Permit.

Thanks a Mil.

If you are serious rent my apartment in the south of the island  for 6 months, see how you like it before making the change.

We live in England but spend a month or so in Mauritius every year.

Hi....please check Invest Mauritius or Board of Investment websites and send them an enquiry email. All the best.

Thanks for interest.

Please let me have availability dates and total rent payable. Is the apartment furnished?



Hello everyone,

Sorry to interrupt but housing offers or search should be posted in the proper section of the website : Housing in Mauritius.

Thanks in advance,

Let me know how things go, because I intend retiring to Mauritius when I've finished working. Cheers

The idea of coming out here for 6 months first is probably sensible as living here permanently is different to just being on holiday.  It would also give you a feeling of which part of the island to live in that suits you
..... you will find a lot of emails on that topic on this website.

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Yes ,

It would be good to send 6months see how it goes then make the big move.

My property is furnished and the rent is modest.

I am not sure how to proceed further ,if you interested.

May be expat can advise me.

Dear Sir,

Just sharing some information with you below about conditions to retire in Mauritius … ermit.aspx (Mauritius Board of Investment website)

Residence Permit:

What are the criteria to enable me to qualify for a residence permit as retired non-citizen?

To be eligible for a residence permit as a retired non-citizen you should be 50 years of age, or above, and must undertake to transfer, to your local bank account in Mauritius, at least USD 40,000 annually, or its equivalent in any freely convertible foreign currency. You should submit proof of an initial transfer of at least USD 40,000 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency at time of application. The total amount transferred over three years should be USD 120,000.

I hold a residence permit as retired non-citizen. Am I allowed to work or invest in a business?

As a retired non-citizen, you are not allowed to engage in any gainful activities in Mauritius. However, if you want to invest your money in a business activity, you are free to do so as a minority shareholder in a company but you cannot work or hold office as a full-time company director.  You can be a Non-Executive Director provided you do not get Director’s Fees.

Is there any minimum period one is legally obliged to stay in Mauritius under an Occupation Permit or Residence Permit?

The law does not provide for a minimum number of days per year to stay in Mauritius under an Occupation Permit or Residence Permit. However, to be considered as a ‘resident’ for tax purposes, you should stay in Mauritius for a minimum of 183 days per calendar year.

Best Regards.


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