Flaton Renting Procedure and formalities

Hello All,

I have recently almost finalised a deal with a Kuwaiti national who is based in the US for a house on rent in Salmiya area. The issue is that since he has moved to the States, his house keys are with him and he is asking me to pay the rent and deposit upfront post which he will send across the keys. How do I make sure that this is not a scam?

He has sent the flat pics and has made an agreement which he sent through mail and is asking me to sign and scan and send back.

Kindly suggest what is the legal.procedure of renting out a flat? Especially in this case!

No keys no money

Do not do it. Simple.

Thanks guys for the suggestion.

Hi Ankith1989,

Seems a scam. Please do not send any money.

Please read this article "Useful tips to avoid being scammed":


This is a typical scam, stay away from it.


It's a scam.

Thanks guys. Its revealed! it is definitely a scam. The guy backed out the moment I asked him to send the keys first.

Let this then be a lesson for my fellow expats! The guy churned out a very believable story and for someone a little more innocent than me, it could have been a big loss :-)

probably a junkie looking for easy money to score his next fix...

anyone with a shred of common sense would know that landlords typically go through brokers to lease their properties out, or they leave the key with someone so that you can atleast see it for yourself before making a payment.

Yes.Exactly Legacy! His story seemed so true till  the point where he asked me to send the money first!

When I was looking for a place someone approached me with a similar story and sent a photo of the place with a lush green park visible through the window and the bottle of red wine on the kitchen counter. Sloppy job.

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