looking for a job as accountant in singapore

I am from Philippines currently living and working here in United Arab Emirates as Accountant.  I have 20 years experience as an Accountant.

Hi, Can you give more details about your qualifications, experience, expected Salary, etc etc ?

Hi nenitaquilang,

I moved your thread on the Singapore forum.

Please view this article : Find a job in Singapore.

Nenitaquilang: This forum is a good source of advice and tips about finding a job in Singapore, and all the steps that follow (visa, finding accommodation, etc.).
Please read the many discussions that are already here: The search function is at the top right of this page!
You can also place an ad in the site's classifed section - although, honestly, there are better sites for ads (which you can also find linked to in the forum discussions).
If you then still have some detailed questions that were not answered before, please feel free to come back and post them here. We'll try to answer them quickly.
Good luck!

Thank you for your quick reply.

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