First Move

Hello, my name is Janice. I am new here on this website. We have our personal difficulty of our family situation and maybe somebody would give us advises of what moves we gonna do.

I am Filipina, married to a Dutch Citizen and have a 4 yrs. old daughter. Both of them lived now in Netherlands and myself remain living in the Philippines because we find it difficult of applying "Family Reunification Visa" for me. We don't understand the rule in the Netherlands because as of this days you could not get a year contract but only temporary thru recruitment agencies that is why    this is the reason my husband could not sponsor me yet because he could find year contract on the jobs (currently his working and salary wise is more that enough of what the income requirement).

Maybe you guys could help us of what is the first move we gonna do. Is it hard to find a job over there? My husband worked in construction industry.

Please help us!

Thank you so much...

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