Safety and Security in Port Moresby


I am considering a move (on my own) to an office job in Port Moresby. I am researching as best I can however I would appreciate anyone who can provide the most recent opinion of the safety and security aspect in the city.
I come from a mining town in Australia and am used to various cultures.
Your opinions would be very much appreciated.

A Google search will give you some information. Also contact your Embassy for up to date travel advisories.

Having lived in Moresby and other areas of PNG I would not say it is that safe. You need to be aware of where you are, watch yourself when using ATM's, Travel at night with a friend.
Do not flash money around and never wear expensive looking jewelry.

No such thing as Safety and Security in PNG ... rxxx are on the loose ... if you are a women most likely you'll be pack-rape if you run out of luck ... I worked there for 6 years and that's my observations and counted expat rape victims

Stumpy - my limited experience agrees 100% with you. An expat in PNG needs to be alert, wary and follow the social rules. It is not as bad as some are making out, PROVIDING you follow the (unwritten) social rules.
The people are really friendly but sure to travel from safe place to place.

Awareness is the main thing and this needs to be maintained 100% of the time.

my relative gonna be there for 2 mnth for working purpose. and his wife will follow him ..i really worry about their safety then. i should warn them to always stay on their guard.

Like everywhere, PNG has law issues. Maybe not tackled effectively like developed countries.
My advise is to make friends with locals. I know alot of expats who now calls PNG home. I have come to know and made friends with expats who can go shopping on their own.

Yes, follow the "unwritten rules" of the society. We still value our culture.

I guess safety is an issue everywhere.

Generally, PNG people are very friendly and caring, especially if you are from another country

That is because rape and robbery is not wrong in their culture contrary, it is being celebrated in the village when one commits ...

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