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How is it to get a job in singapure,how is life in here,if i go there how long will i take to have a job and how much it's to rent a room?

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As for your search, it is very difficult to get a job in Singapore, and it depends a lot in which field you are.

I invite you to check out Living in Singapore guide as well as browse through categories of the Singapore Forum to gather infos.

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Your questions are too general (and too often asked on this forum and elsewhere) to give a meningful answer.
Please do some research of your own and come back with more detailed questions that are not already answered elsewhere.
In the meantime, my best attempt in answering:
- Getting a job is not easy, but depends on how your education and work experience matches the demands of the local job market.
- It can take you anywhere between a month and never to find a job.
- Life is great (my personal opinion).
- A sublet room costs between S$800 and S$1500/month, depending on location and amenities.

U can check out Singapore gumtree classifieds, & Jobs Central for more jobs..

hello 😊do hospitals or clinics in singapore accept walk in applicant? thanks 😊

There is no such arrangement in Singapore in any field (not only in healthcare) for walk in interview. For an interview, it is arranged based on a prior fixed time on job openings (internal ad or ad by an agency).

Surya: There are (or at least used to be) walk-in interviews for lower-paying and menial jobs in Singapore. But I guess they are geared towards locals, who can be hired immediately, not foreigners who need weeks or months to get a work visa (IF they are approved by the authorities).

Yes Beppi.. for locals (mainly for local Singaporeans) .. as it shows "for Singaporeans only", they have walk in interviews for full time and part time jobs. I can see mostly in food and beverages  sectors, Malls and shops/stores etc. My above message was addressed to a foreigner only.

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