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Dear All,

I got my eyes on second hand Mercedes or Cadillac, anybody here had any experience on this matter? what's the cost of running a Benz or a Cadillac in Kuwait maintenance wise? Any good mechanic around?

Appreciate your input. :)

Unfortunately no experience with either of them. I can offer my expertise with BMW, Volvo and Audi if you ever require one. :)

Please do share.. i'd like to know whether owning a BMW here in Kuwait is troublesome or not as well and plus other people might find it helpful since the topic of owning European/American vehicles never been brought up on this forum before (I might be wrong)

I think I started a few threads but in vain. DIY is not really a popular concept here and I could not find any car enthusiast Kuwait forums. I guess people just drive and wash their cars and don't appreciate getting their hands dirty. I value both.

BMWs have their quirks but they are easily sorted out, especially if you are a bit of a DIY person. Good thing is that original and OEM parts are available so you don't need to go to dealer and get ripped off. Stick with 6 cylinder engine as 8 cylinder has its problems that are expensive and time consuming to fix. 6 cyl is easy to work on even for a casual mechanic. I got the diagnostic cable and software from eBay to assist with troubleshooting. I just completed a complete overhaul of the cooling system, replaced the belts and cleaned the steering universal joint. Also took out the transmission coolant lines that were leaking and fixed them for 4 KD in Ahmadi industrial area and they will be good for years to come.

Oh, "lifetime" transmissions can be a sore point, in the worst case scenario Diko motors in Shuwaikh does a transmission overhaul for ZF transmissions for 500 KD, but after that you should be fine for at least another 100000 kilometers.

Volvo though has been a MAJOR pain in the rear. :)

with respect to cadillac, i used to work for the agent responsible, second hands are the WORST, no resale value "/ majority of stock of used cars were cadillacs.

when buying a car, weigh the options of what your budget is and getting one from the dealership for that budget, one being any car in that range, coz trust me, with used cars you can never be too sure, and once they start falling apart, its terrible business running around trying to fix it.

I own a 2006 Mercedes C-Class 200 and each time I want to change the filters, oil.. etc I have to go to Ahmadi because it is deemed TOO old now! And just so you know I had to wait 2 months few years ago because all the dealers here did not have some parts so they had to order them from Germany..

Even if whomever is selling it, even if he says it is used by a 'girl (popular piece of info here) you must check on everything. You know which garage right? It's called AlRimal AlThahabeya (translation: The golden sands")  It'll be around 30KD for everything. So you will have to chunk out 30KDs every time.

I suggest you check with the dealers first if all parts are available for whatever year model you are getting. I don't recommend getting a used car, especially a Benz but of course that is completely up to you..

Anyways, good luck!!

BTW it was the ignition coil. Used car.. you know you will need it. So be sure to ask about that if they have it in stock.. also always stack on the filters from Ahmadi I buy 20 each time I go  :)

Highly informative feedback I thank you all, hearing what legacy had to say about Cadi its probably best to avoid it at all cost.

I'm sort of looking for a 2 door european car for the Mrs. to drive around here quite possibly a pre 2010 SLK or BMW 3 series coupe. Although its not advisable to buy second hand car here in Kuwait, buying a brand new SLK or 3 series coupe would really be really pushing it  :D

However good to know there's plenty of spare parts both original and OEM around for BMW and Mercedes. The only main concern would probably be transmission as Ribosom mentioned but then again the 3 series and Pre 2010 SLK use tiptronic transmission which isn't too complicated to fix.

Thanks all for the inputs  :thanks:

The newer american cars dodge jeep etc are the easiest to find parts for, my friend had a Peugeot and had nightmares getting the parts. I understand the appeal but personally I looked around, getting parts etc and a mechanic  if you cant fix it yourself can be a challenge. I like a nice easy (and cheap ;) ) life

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