Decision of Labor Court

Any one who got a decision from Labor office?
Please post here

What sort of information are you seeking ?

How much does it take?
What are the decisions- In favor of etc?

Dear msmir!

I believe if you can post what's your exact situation is, people with relative knowledge would be able to help you. In current situation, hardly anyone would be posting something that he thinks might not be related to your case.

I agree with @stumpy and @skhurram007. Why would anyone post information irrelevant to your case? But I guess you are looking for some high-level most generalized information at the moment.

I had a case in labor court many many years back. It took 2 years to get the verdict. The verdict had 6 rulings - all in my favor. Only 1 of them got implemented: transfer of sponsorship. The rest all were ignored.

2 Years is indeed long time.
So u couldn't go out of kingdom for these 2 years?
And What about your job situation for this period of time?

msmir116 :

2 Years is indeed long time.
So u couldn't go out of kingdom for these 2 years?
And What about your job situation for this period of time?

Let us talk about it over the PMs.

First of all,, I am Saudi Qualified attorney. Second of all, time length of each case is different. Third, Saudi courts in general have changed so much for the past few year.

e.x. with reference to what I said, I am currently handling a case at Labor court and it is going quite fast. three hearing sessions in only one month, the time between each hearing session is around 10 days only.

If you want any question you can PM me,

Kind regards,


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Labour court. The individual will never get a ruling in their favour against a company.

In your opinion, what makes it almost near impossible for a worker to win against any company?

You will never get a judgement in your favor. The judgements are not enforced. And the law ambiguous.

It is a technical law. An administration, not a judiciary.

Saadia Qahtani :

It is a technical law. An administration, not a judiciary.

Good point!
But I think this thread is getting off-topic now.

Hi everybody,

You are right TheLegendLeads, we are getting off topic ;)
So, can we please go back to the subject?



First of all, I am sure you guys are talking about your bad experience of your cases or friends' cases. However, if you have a right  and you have some type of prove you will win the case no matter in which court. Judgments on general can be on favor of any parties who correctly prove his/her case. If you do not know the law and you do not provide suitable documents you will lose the case for sure.

What if you know the law. Present the evidence and get no judgement because of secret mou between the company and MOI?

Does Sharia law allow that the rights of the individual are not applicable because of SECRETS that you are not privvy to?

Today was my hearing
Company got reply to my Demands
All bogus stories as expected without any authentic documentary proof.
Next hearing iw almoat 4 weeks later.
I am at home for 3 months now.

Yes. I had the same. I had 400 pages of proof from 7 years of abuse. They brought nothing. No judgement. Secrets, secrets, secrets. Fortunately my husband signed his contract in the uk. Now after all this time we may file in the uk. What a shocker! I believe some corruption was involved.

Ms Sadia
U r sharing saudi labor court experience
Or UK,s

Saudi Labour court. I thought that was the issue. I ask you! Who is it that approaches the labour court for their rights can afford to sit around for 2 years waiting for the judgement that may or may not go in their favour? The court always supports the company. Why? Because they provide jobs for more than you, and a number of other reasons and factors. By the time you are done with the court, and most people can not afford to pay for what is often unscrupulous lawyers who charge ridiculous fees. You are basically bankrupt. In the time spent in court. You may not work for another employer. You are quite often if expat, left homeless. And from experience, you will have to sell the property (if any) in your home country which you spent years away from home to purchase, to pay for the all of your expenses to fight a case that you have no chance of winning. That's simply how it is. I don't care how much evidence you bring forth that clearly states your case. You will be brought down on a technicality. It is not designed in the best interests of the worker.

Ok, I have this problem in my company. Last year July 17, 2015 my contract of 2-years was already finished. Since my iqama is still valid until September 20, 2015 my employer requested for extension. But, one thing was not sure, my replacement. Since I'm the only technician they expect another one would be coming on or before October, 2015. But no one came until now March 7, 2016. I gave them exit notice letter since April 28, 3 months prior to my end of contract. What can I do to win this case in Saudi Labor? Any advice will do. Thanks in advance!

Yes you are very true , if you fighting a case againt your company in mean time labor court should give NOC to any other place to run family. During this time no one will help you amd should they help ? In this case what you will do .

The labor office has started giving tasreeh ul amal
Mwans work permits after 2nd hearing in preliminary session
But the conditions are very tough
Must not be in the same field
Must be located in same city
Only for 3 months or 6 months etc

I need some advice on a situation from you.  Please can you call me *** Julie
Or send me your number.

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What if you are not a labourer and you are a specialised consultant? Do they give you tasreeh? And you are married to a Saudi lady and have to leave the country and your wife is left behind. In Islam we call this Takhbeeb. Some cases are complicated. Some are not. The labour court remains the same. The labour court does not work for the individual.

Well Ms Sadia,
I have those forms having all the conditions mentioned therein.
I am an electrical engineer not a labor.
So u just get this form filled by your new employer and submit to labor office.
Thn see whats the reply.

@ Yususf
Can you plz reach me
at xxxx

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@ Sadia
Some thing good has happened yesterday at labor office. Thanks to authorities.

Recent amendment to Saudi Labor Law
commentary on Article 77 Unfair dismissal. … i-workers/

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What this forum is for?
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Plzz.. We r here to know and help each other

Hi, does one need a lawyer to file a labor case in saudi labor office?

You are a saudi citizen and you have a sponsor?

You don't need a lawyer in labor office.
But yes you need a translator for each hearing.
Without translator they will straight away give you next date.
Most of the embassies provide translation services to their citizen on request.
But this translator is too occupied.

Thanks for the prompt reply...

I would like an honest and frank advice from you.
I have been working with Landmark Arabia since September 2013, I have come to KSA on their visa.
I was unfortunately injured on work during working hours and injured my spine, after consulting doctors they advised me to get it operated. My family doesn't stay with me and I too wanted to take a second opinion so I went to my home country India. The company gave me an exit re-entry for six months which my reporting manager had informed them. My doctor in Mumbai recommended that operation is the last alternative, Physiotherapy will make it better if I do  to session my self physically for the next one to one and a half years. I resumed work on April 15 and started working normally but after 3 months I again had problems and did not go to work for 12 days (doctor certificate available for 10 days) as the doctors here asked me to rest. On feeling better and resuming my job my Logistics Manager asked me to leave telling me that I have been terminated according to Saudi labor law article 80, he even told me not to report to work or he will call the police and have me thrown out of the Warehouse, I asked him for a notice period and told him to follow the legal procedure. I also told him that I will not stop coming to work till the time I get an official termination from the company. They gave me the termination on August 16 which I signed. They paid me only up to July 17 and when I asked about the remaining 29 days they told me that I was informed not to report to work and I did so it is my problem. I signed the termination letter and took a copy and filed a case with the labor court, Riyadh. It's been 6 months now till, how long will it take, I've even given all the necessary documents.
I would be very obliged if you provide me your contact number.

Kindly Advice,

Mirza Gufran Baig

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hey Mr. Mirza,

I can't answer you properly because I do not know which stage is your case at. Having said that, cases at labor court are different case by case basis. However, normally it takes from 6-12 months to receive a judgment

Hey Yossef11,
How much a lawyer will be helpful to labor court cases. Could he make the process faster?

How you were at home on the day of hearing? Is your case now ended?

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