need a studio for rent

Hello everyone
I am From Albania and i will soon move in Antwerp. I need a apartment for rent. can any one help me? i have no friends or familiars in there so if any one can help me i will be great full


I, between February 12 and June 18 I will be in Antwerp to an internship...

I need a room for the period indicated, with a bathroom (with shower) private. The kitchen can be shared!

The room should have bed, a wardrobe, a desk, chairs, and equipped with Internet and heating.

Hello pasvasconcelos, Welcome on board

I will suggest you to post a customized advert on the Antwerp Classifieds page, Section>Accommodation. This might help you as well.



If you haven't found one, you can check I found one from this URL and they are pretty nice.

Gud luck


Hi all, I would advise checking
there is a big database for appartments to rent.

Good luck

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